Rules / Commandments

1- The klan mascot (pink pig) must never be lost, damaged, sold or re-gifted.

2- If the HPSS lasts for more that 5 years everyone must get a tattoo, e.g. Name of klan or picture of klan mascot.

3- Battery percentage game shall commence upon any Klan member announcing the words “Battery Game”. (The winner receives 1HP)

4- Horse Points or HP’s may be awarded for completing tasks, bets or games. They may also be traded and wagered with other Horse People.

5- The Snack-Track (ST) must remain open at all times and Snack Track Items (STI) must be promptly moved along the track.

6- When every Klan member is in agreement. Changing of the Buds may be announced followed by a short fanfare from the Official Changing of the Buds Trumpet.

7- If any Horse Person moves onto the floor they must announce that they are “Going down to floor town” followed by the current population of floor town in Spanish. E.g. “Population Uno”

8- Getting 'Fried Up' is optional but mandatory at all meetings.

9- 420 4 LYF